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For Safe Power Flows – SIVACON 8PS Busbar Trunking Systems

sivacon 8PS

Master your power requirements we support you with our systems

High power volumes, countless consumers, maximum availability around the clock? No matter how turbulent your power distribution requirements – our integrated low-voltage power distribution products and systems support you by competently mastering yourpower requirements in all situations and throughout your power distribution systems’ entire service life. Our matched and powerful components help you to considerably reduce your investment costs and risks. You will benefit from the components’ modularity and intelligence over the complete utilization period and thus keep a tight control of your operating costs while maximizing system availability. Asan essential component of the “Totally Integrated Power” concept by Siemens, we provide integrated power distribution solutions from the medium-voltage supply right to the socket outlet. Communication capability and software modules allow for efficient connection to industrial and building automation, which bears further significant saving potentials. With our systematic support, you no longer needto worry about your power distribution. Our portfolio comprises the following ranges:

• SIMATIC powercontrol for optimum power management • SIVACON power distribution boards and motor control centers • SIVACON busbar trunking systems • SENTRON switching and protection devices


Low-voltage power distribution

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SIVACON 8PS System overview and advantages


Thesystems CD-K system: the busbar with the suitable design for lighting systems and small loads BD01 system: the flexible power supplier for trade BD2 system: the universal solution for maximum power in minimum space LD system: the safe busbar for production applications LX system: the flexible system for multi-storey power supply

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LR system: the reliable busbar for maximum protection in roughenvironments

Communication Communication-capable busbar trunking systems: Perfectly combined cost-effectiveness and flexibility Ser vice & Support

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Power transportation and distribution perfectly mastered: SIVACON 8PS

Benefit from safe and efficient power flows with SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems. As an important component of our comprehensive low-voltagepower distribution portfolio and integral part of Totally Integrated Power, our integrated concept for power distribution from medium voltage to the socket outlet, the SIVACON 8PS products ensure an optimum power transmission and distribution in the most diverse applications.

A total of six different systems offer everything required for modern power transmission and distribution matched to yourindividual requirements – from simple planning and rapid mounting to reliable operation down to particularly flexible adjustability and expandability. With SIVACON 8PS, you will not only benefit from a transparent and flexible, yet simple solution for controlling the increasingly complex area of building technology, but also considerably improve the efficiency of industrial applications by ensuring asafe and reliable power supply. Reliable and safe power transmission High calculation expenditures, laborious installations and high power losses are a thing of the past. With SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems for power transmission, you can avoid parallel cable circuits, complicated routing and asymmetric power supply. For application between the transformer, main distribution andsub-distributions, we offer trunking units without tap-off points, optionally in the standard design or with customized lengths. Easy planning and flexible adjustment of the power distribution Particularly in the area of power distribution, the SIVACON 8PS system demonstrate their strengths. They facilitate a variable arrangement of the distribution system, optionally in a linear, full-coverage or also...