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  • Publicado : 23 de marzo de 2011
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Guarionex Izagas Sepúlveda English 12th Reg. Prof. Cordova

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”
-Albert Einstein

Education has always beensomething very important. Now days, it is important to the point that without it, a person’s possibility to success in life, or to even sustain him or herself economically is very difficult. To get byin life without education is having to expose oneself to strong physical work to get by in life and receive an income to live. In a society like this, where education in some discipline is soimperative, knowledge on a discipline cannot stand alone, it needs something to serve as a base to this knowledge, something that leads to the creation of what’s being acknowledged. This is where theimagination does its part.

Imagination is a mental picture or idea of something in a person’s mind that has not been created yet or has not been seen by that person. In the other hand, Einstein givesus the term “knowledge” compared to “imagination”. Knowledge is the understanding or awareness of certain information, gained by study or experience. Albert Einstein states the fact that the idea ina person’s mind, before its creation, of a certain information is more important than the actual understanding or awareness of this or any other information. The way Einstein reached this verdict orconclusion is very understandable since he is one of the greatest scientists in history, a theoretical physicist. This means that he contributed in the creation of many things because of his manytheories provided in the matter or subject he studied at the time. A person, who makes sustainable, well-developed, and scientifically proved theories, needs a whole lot of imagination to get to thetheories he proposed.

Albert Einstein is the creator of the theory of relativity, which states that everything is relative. This means that technically for him, it wouldn’t be wrong for me to say...
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