Inefficiency of imss

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  • Publicado : 14 de marzo de 2011
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The inefficiency of IMSS

IMSS, Mexico’s public health care system, is obligated to provide their employees with medical services, but currently these services are inefficient. This situation hasbeen a problem and is causing dissatisfaction and dissent in employees.

Currently, IMSS is having economical problems. With these economical problems the good health care or medical services aredecreasing and the employees are becoming less happy. This economical problem is caused because of the increase in big quantities of money that IMSS is requiring. “In the last 10 years IMSS laborliabilities have grown to an average annual rate of 20.8 %.” (economista).

An example of how does this economical problem affects employees is the next one. When people go to IMSS to ask for medicalservices, they do not attend them because they do not have stretchers and the equipment necessary to attend them. That even sometimes, when there is really an urgent situation, patients have to be attendedin the hallways.

Another problem is that IMSS, (not because of the economy) is the absence of attention time; when people ask for a service or an appointment, IMSS give it after many days and isconstantly delaying it. This is caused because there is a large population and only few hospitals, IMSS is experiencing an overlooking of appointments.

This situation is bad for many people becauseit is causing dissatisfaction amount employees. They do not revise what they are supposed to. IMSS is searching for solutions to stop this problem. Some solutions or facts about what IMSS is doing arethe following:

To recuperate its financial problems, IMSS is asking for help to the Center of Economic Studies of the Private Sector (CEESP) with an increase of quotes. Also, the authorities aretrying to obtain resources wherefrom it is, even if the most affected are the workers of the private sector. If the CEESP helps IMSS with quotas and the employees search for another companies that...
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