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Practice 5 PPT-2007
INSTRUCTIONS: Follow the instructions specify on each statement on the section below, before you begin to solve them, read and complete them before you pass to the following. Usethe files specify on each question, write the correct procedure to solve the practice. Once you are done with everything, save all files in H[CARDON]:\
TOPIC 10: Format shapes as indicated. FILE TOUSE: ETC
1. Compress the picture on slide 3, height; with the format “good for Web pages”. Format, Adjust, Compress, Options, Screen.
2. On slide 3, erase the shape border. Format, PictureStyles, Picture Border, no outline.
3. Using the last slide, use the shape and turn it in the opposite clockwise so it could point towards the text FIRST PLACE. Seleccionas y la giras usandoel boton verde.

TOPIC 6: Complete the following tasks to modify the presentation design. FILE TO USE: PLAN
1. Apply the Solstice slide design theme to slides four and six. Design, Themes,seleccionas, click derecho, selected slides.
2. Modify the Title format of the ‘Solstice’ Title Master, to a Broadway font, size 26. View, Presentation views, Slide Master, modificas la letra.
3.Use the ‘Plan de Negocios’ design to modify the Slide Master, by erasing the image on the upper left corner of the slide. View, Slide Master, borras.
4. Close slide master view. Close.
5. Inserta new slide before slide 3; use the Picture with caption Layout. Insert, New Slide, Layout, Picture with caption.
6. Use the icon to insert the spam picture located in folder TOPIC 6. Presionas,Browse.
TOPIC 16: Complete the following tasks to modify the presentation. FILE TO USE: FORMACION
1. On slide three (Introduccion), apply a Slide Layout: Title and 2 content, and change the textanchor, for the second text box, to the middle. Home, Slides, Layout. Seleccionas, Paragraph, Allign text.
2. Type 2 suggestions for a person that will design a presentation. Escribes.
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