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[pic]THE Weather Forecaster Guide(read before buying or using)
At the present time and the foreseeable near future there is no standalone N3 fix for fta receivers. The only way to get TV onANY FTA stb is to utilize something called IKS. What this does is hook your FTA unit up to the internet by using what is refered to as a hub, dongle, or in this case...the Weather Forecaster

you canfind a place to purchase one by google-ing the words "vs weather forecaster" or search for it on ebay

What do you need?

- Weather Forcaster
- Router
- Modem
- Internet Capability

Note:Any wireless bridge will also work for the purpose of the weather forecaster as very little data is transmitted.

Would it be better to just run a long Cat5 or do the Bridge thing?

The WeatherForecaster will be plug n play, however, setting up wireless bridges is NOT!

I would think it would be much better to set any device up with WIRE first, once working, add your bridges. You do not haveto run wires all over the place, but to run One to test and get setup.

What Viewsat receivers will it work on?

It WILL work with the Ultra, Ultra Lite, MaxHD, 9000HD, and Pro PVR

It will NOTwork on the Platinum series, Xtreme, or VS7000PVR units.

b3v and HD channels will be added soon

Weather Forecaster Installation Instructions

This setup is almost as easy as the old standalonedays... It is definitely the easiest of any other I have seen....this is assuming your receiver is already hooked up to tv and satellite **** and ready to go.

1. Flash receiver via USB with yourspecific receiver sofware, in this case, Ultra-Lite, PFTAUSW-100???UL

2. Remove WF from box, attach serial cable to serial side of main body, then connect other side to serial on receiver.

3.Connect your WF to internet via Ethernet RJ45 cable.

4. Click menu on receiver remote.

5. For static IP:
Go to installation => Serial Setup => Network Setup => Network setting => put your IP...
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