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|Taking advantage of Holidays |
|Holidays are special dates with a significant meaning given by a group or community; they are mostly religious, national and cultural. A |
|holiday is a day inwhich people rejoice in different ways, usually by days off, celebrations and festivities, among other customs. |
|Before introducing holidays to the classroom, the first thing to do is to define your objectives clearly, taking into considerationyour |
|students’ needs and interests. |
|It is highly important that you make your class enjoyable and that you know how to address the contentof a specific topic according to the |
|children’s background, age and previous knowledge of the theme. |
|The following lesson plan is about World Food Day, which is celebratedon October 16th. However, you have the chance to put it into practice|
|from October 17th to 21st. The aim is to provide English instructors a complete sequence of activities to be developed as...
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