Ingenieria civil

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What Do Civil Engineers Do?
Civil engineering is vital to the growth of the country and the well-being of its citizens.  Civil engineers are problem solvers and are called upon to develop solutionsfor society’s toughest challenges.  The diverse and well-rounded education offered in the Civil Engineering program at Lawrence Tech provides students with the ability to contribute their creativityand expertise to deal with these challenges. 
After you earn your civil engineering degree, the possibilities are endless! Maybe you will:
* Design and construct the next generation of highperformance, sustainable buildings.
*  Design and construct a bridge spanning an international waterway, allowing travelers and goods to traverse safely and efficiently.
* Design and construct atreatment plant that provides water to regions where safe drinking water is scarce.
* Design and construct the foundations for 200-ft. tall wind turbines so the nation can generate clean energy andwean itself off costly imported oil.
* Design and construct airport facilities to accommodate the next generation jumbo jet that is almost as long as a football field and can carry over 500passengers. 
* Design and construct the infrastructure of a major national park to maximize its utility to patrons while minimizing the negative effects on the environment. 
* Design andconstruct the structural framework for next generation developments so that people are safe from the effects of earthquakes. law school to become an advocate for environmental justice or a construction lawarbitrator
* Get an advanced engineering degree to become the next great mind in solving tomorrow’s problems through research and innovation.
How do you get ready? |
A college degree inengineering is needed for almost all beginning engineering jobs. College graduates with a degree in a science or mathematics may get some jobs. A civil engineer must get a license from the State to offer...
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