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CONTENTS FEATURES-------------------------------------------------PREPSRSTIONS------------------------------------------2-1 Precautions------------------------------------------2-2 Nomenclature of parts------------------------------2-3 Unpacking and storing-----------------------------2-4 Battery insertion and recharging------------------2-5 Mounting and removing of thebasal stump----KEY PANEL AND DISPLAY MESSAGES-----------3-1 Keyboard symbols and functions-----------------3-2 Display messages-----------------------------------INITIAL SETTING---------------------------------------4-1 Setting items-----------------------------------------4-2 Setting method--------------------------------------PREPARATION FOR SURVEYING-------------------5-1 Centering andleveling-----------------------------5-2 Eyepiece adjustment and object sighting--------5-3 Turning the power ON or OFF--------------------5-4 Vertical index zero setting-------------------------ANGLE MEASUREMENT------------------------------6-1 Normal/reversed position telescope observation ---------------------------------------------------------------6-2 Horizontal angle“0″setting----------------------6-3 Horizontal and vertical angle measurement

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6-4 Horizontal angle lock and release--------------6-5 Horizontal angle setting--------------------------6-6 Horizontal angle quadrant setting--------------6-7 Vertical angle”0” setting-------------------------6-8 Measurement ofzenith distance and vertical Angle ------------------------------------------------------6-9 Grade percentage---------------------------------6-10 Stadia Measurement----------------------------7 8

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8-1 Platevial-------------------------------------------8-2 Circular vial---------------------------------------8-3 Inclination of reticule----------------------------8-4 Perpendicularity of aiming axis to horizontal Axis(2C)--------------------------------------------------8-5 Vertical index difference compensation-------8-6 Vertical index difference(I angle) and vertical Indexzeroing---------------------------------------------8-7 Optical plummet----------------------------------8-8 Other adjustment----------------------------------SPECIFICATIONS--------------------------------------APPEBDIX---------------------------------------------ACCESSORIES-------------------------------------------


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1. Complete Functions NTS-350 series Total Station isprovided with complete surveying programs with the functions of data record and parameter setting, and is applicable for professional and construction survey.

2. Simple Operation The operation of NTS-350 series Total Station is very simple, easy to learn and master. The keys are comfortable to press.

3. Powerful Memory Management The instrument adopts the program module with internal memoryand can record the surveying data and coordinate data of 3400 points or only the coordinate data of 10000 points. You can manage the memory conveniently and add, delete, modify and transfer the data. 4. Auto Data Collection With the automated data collection software, you can record the surveying data and coordinate data automatically, transfer them between the instrument and computer to realizethe real digitized survey.

5. Small & Light EDM Head The appearance and internal structure of the new Total Station has been made mare scientific and reasonable design. So the EDM head becomes smaller, lighter and more convenient for survey.

6. Special Surveying Programs Except for the basic surveying modes (angle, distance, coordinate measurement), the instrument is provided with...
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