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CASE No. 2 Hocol

Group members:

(IA)3 Framework Analysis

What is the Issue
Hocol a Colombian Oil Company was going through a very hard moment regarding its operations, it only had two concessions to exploit (Tello and San Francisco), and they were due to end one in the next year, and the other one in 7 years. Additionally on the last year they performseveral exploration in Colombia, mor than any other private company with very bad results. By this time, they where invited to participate in an exploration project in lands of the Uwa community. This project had a history of failures of different companies in the past, who couldn`t manage their difference with the community and ended in the en of the project (OXY and SHELL de Colombia)Who are the Actors
Total and Talisman : Exploration companies who won the bid for the exploration in the Uwa territory, and invited HOCOL to the process
Uwa Community
Indigenous organizations like the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia, and the Coalition forAmazonian Peoples and Their Environment
Colombian government, represented by the Ministry of Environment ,Public Defense Office,Colombian Supreme court, State Council,
Guerrillas and other terrorists armed groups
International Institutions : International Labour Organization, Organization of the American States, Interamerican court

What are the Interests?
Total and Talisman Find a company able to perform the exploration on the Uwa Territory
Indigenous Organizations: Protection of their territory,roots, believes and traditions. Protection to the natural and cultural resources , Fear of the “invasion by whites”.
Colombian government: find petroleum, and seek for an agreement between parts that wont jeopardy the project, looking for the best interest of the nation and communities.
Indigenous Organizations Protect the Uwas community, their territory, believes and traditions
Guerrillasand other terrorist arm groups : money and opportunities to extort the different actors looking for their own good
International Institutions: look that everything is being done correctly, without putting at risk anyone and without violating the wrights of the different actors involved in the project.
Ecopetrol : Assure more petroleum production in the country an the sustainability of it intime

In What Arena do the actors meet?
For this problem, there are several arenas where the actor could meet. Taking into account the history of the project we could assure that one of the main arenas would be the Colombians Tribunals, Congress and court house. Additionally the Indigenous Reservation, where all Uwas own topics are addressed. Local Media: this is a very sensible topic thatsourly would catch the interest of local media (TV, Newspapers, magazines…) International Media: as more international environment organizations wher supporting the Uwas Cause, it is very risky that the project became an international Scandal

What information moves the issue in this arena?
There are several type of information that are relevant en each arena and for each actor. For example,for the Colombian Congress information regarding investment in the community and the country, productivity, taxes, royalties would be very important. For international media information regarding the environment, damage, in danger species in the reservation, environmental impact. For the local media we have security, the scandal of the Suicidal Thread, guerrilla and their menace. For thereservations : Environmental impact, royalties, hierarchy of the Uwas, local religion, customs,

What assets do the actors need to prevail in this arena?
Reputation is the main asset for almost all of the actors involved and mainly to Hocol, they have worked very hard, and for many years to achieve a position, recognition as community helpers and invertors, and it could be critical to impact...