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This specification defines the performance requirements for decorative coatingsincluding paint, soft coating paint and pad printing on plastic substrates for interior use. 2. APPLICATION This specification was released originally to define paint performance requirements for variouspainted interior applications such as rigid instrument panels, glove box lids, pillar coverings, etc. 3. REQUIREMENTS Material specification requirements are to be used for initial qualification ofmaterials. All parts must also meet the appropriate part performance specification and Subsystems Design Specification. This specification is not for steering wheels (WSS-M98P12-A) or Flexible CoverStock Instrument Panels (WSS-M15P45-A). All paint applicators must meet the Painted Part Approval Process (AVP-T113-016). Refer to the Approved Source List for approved applicators (NA only). 3.0STANDARD REQUIREMENTS FOR PRODUCTION MATERIALS Material suppliers and part producers must conform to the Company's Standard Requirements For Production Materials (WSS-M99P1111-A). 3.4 SYSTEM COMPONENTS 3.4.1Testing Requirement/ Specimen Preparation Tests shall be performed on actual components processed through the production process. Where this is not possible, plaques can be used. These shall be thesame substrate processed in the same manner as production components. See Table 1 for testing requirements & sample size (NA only). When plaques are used as a substitute for actual components, thismust be clearly reported on the PSW or the laboratory test report. 3.4.2 Substrate ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PP, TEO or as specified on the Engineering Document. 3.4.3 Plastic Preparation The surface to bepainted shall be cleaned by an acceptable process, e.g. power wash, to remove mold releasing agents, fingerprints, oils, dirt and moisture.

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