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Windows XP, Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 or Windows NT Service Pack 6
Office 2000 or later
Minitab 13 or later
Some Content Packages require Extend Player(provided on separate CD with Content Package)


800 MHz or faster
256 MB RAM
Approximately 1 GB free space per Content Package

Install Virtual Coach

The Virtual Coach 4installation program seamlessly installs the Microsoft .NET Framework, Virtual Coach 4 Application and Content Packages.

To install Virtual Coach 4, insert the CD (or DVD) into your CD (orDVD) drive. If the installation program does not automatically launch:

Open My Computer or Windows Explorer.
Run ‘Setup.exe’ from the CD/DVD.

Step 1: Microsoft .NET FrameworkThe Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1 is a component of Microsoft Windows used to build and run Windows-based applications. It is required to run Virtual Coach 4.

If you do not have the .NETFramework already installed, you will see the following:

Click ‘Yes’ to install the Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1.

Note: The .NET Framework will install in the background. It cantake several minutes, and during this time you will not see any indication that it is running.

Click ‘No’ to Exit Setup.

Step 2: Virtual Coach 4 Application

If you do not haveVirtual Coach 4 installed, the Virtual Coach Setup Wizard launches.

If you already have Virtual Coach 4 installed, and the installation CD/DVD contains a newer version of Virtual Coach 4, you aregiven the option to upgrade or keep your existing version.

If you have the latest version of Virtual Coach 4 installed, the installation skips this step.

Click ‘Next >’ at theWelcome screen.

If desired, change the installation folder.
If you have multiple users that logon to your computer, and you want them all to be able to run Virtual Coach 4, choose the...
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