Interview with a vampire

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Interview with a vampire
The story begins with a journalist; he wants to have an interview with “that strange man who lives in that apartment”. That man accept the interview, just for curiosity andbecause he wants to tell his story. Louis is the name of this strange man, Louis du Pointe du Lac. Louis told him that he is a vampire, and the journalist don’t believe that; but Louis turn on thelights and he can see the Louis’ skin, pale like a corpse and full of red veins. Now, He begins to tell his story.
Louis born on New Orleans, he lived with his mother, sister and little brother Paul.One night, Louis and Paul have a discuss about religion. After that, Paul has an accident and die. The rest of the Louis’ life, he blames himself for his brother’s dead. He was so depressed and justwants to die; he goes to bars and fights with all the men because he wants that one of these men kill him.
In one of these occasions he is attacked to an unknown man, he bites his neck and levitatesupon water. That man asks him: “do you want to die?” But Louis, so scared because that man has the mouth stained of his blood, say “No”. After that Louis faint.
Time later, when Louis was in his bed,that man who attacked him appears and he meets himself; Lestat de Lioncourt is his name. He try to convince him to become a vampire, he offers eternal life, and freedom; if Louis wants to reborn like avampire, he have to go to the cemetery the next night. And he did it.
Then, when Louis become to a vampire, Lestat teach him how to be a vampire, how to hunt humans and other important thing thatLouis have to know. But Louis, occasionally, feels guilty, because he always was so Christian and he don’t like kill people. In these occasions he escapes to the sewers and drink rat’s blood.
In one ofthese occasions, Louis found a little girl. She was setting next to a corpse; it was her mother. Louis saw it and, impulsively, bite her, but don’t kill her. Lestat found him when he bites the girl...
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