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  • Publicado : 5 de abril de 2010
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The company in its financial statements shows that in the short time he has worked has achieved economic success as a commercial entity, this can be attributed due towhat was observed in the advertising account since we find a value important invested in it, in bonds this account is being used as a mechanism to give more options tocustomers and obtain a benefit for the entity.

Also consider it important to note that since the inception of the company has authorized the admission of newmembers which has been granted to increase the value available in the account and property, plant and equipment.

So far the company has not submitted debts to thirdparties, which indicates that we have managed a way favorable to the address of the entity.

In the account wholesale and retail sales are all made by the companyrepresentative with values which indicates that the company itself has a very good flow in the economy.

In the account inventories are constant movements andrepresentative is one of the accounts that made more movements like that of available.

The job duties have found significant increases which justify it with an increaseof workers for higher production as profit in less time.

The customer has found a% not very high which indicates that the company is giving him credit orcustomer payment facilities which can be good but if you are short term.

In this analysis we found that the short-term accounts receivable is quite high which is withinmy move money.

In conclusion we can say that the company has had good moves, both positive and negative and this has served the company for its proper functioning.
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