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  • Publicado : 24 de agosto de 2012
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English homework
Name: Jenifer Aldas
Class: 10mo “E”
Topic: my hero

My heroine is my mom. she is a good woman and above all veryfighter.
my mom was born in San Gabriel and then lived in la paz when she was la paz was still a child, when she was 17, had her first child,she didn’t take deciciones of which might repent, and spite of this my mom followed studying in the higher normal school for a year, andthis was her most difficult season because she played take responsibility for student and mother at age 19,after a time I was born likewisenot in a favorable environment.

at age 21 my mother took me and my sister to live latacunga to find new job opportunities to survive, forthat same period, my father took care of us and we live together for 7 years and then my grandmother brought back to la paz because theschool where my sister and I studied was two hours away.

when my sister and I arrived at the paz and everything were easier but equally wemissed our family, one year after my mother back to her parents home to look and and after another year my father also came and met thewhole family ;
after so much sacrifice of my mother we could excel and we are what we are .
I chose my mother as my heroine because in spiteof many obstacles that put her life she never desisted and also because thanks to her we have a home and we do not need anything.
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