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Important Statements
This manual is for IQBoard Software.
Use this product strictly according to detailed operation instruction in this manual so
as to ensure proper use. Before you install this product, please read this manual
carefully to save your time.
Opening the package means you have agreed to purchase this product, Returnstar
will not accept returns of opened packages.
The productspecification may be subject to change without prior notice. The sample
pictures in this User Manual may differ from the real product.
Returnstar reserves all rights to charge the fee at anytime for product replacement,
revision and update. The content in this manual will be regularly revised without prior
notice, and the printed manual will be updated when new version is released.
Returnstarwill make no guarantee for this product, both explicit and implicit, including
the salability and the adaptability to certain purpose, and will deny all guarantees
Returnstar, IQBoard are registered trademarks of Returnstar Technology Co., Ltd.
Window is a registered trademark of Microsoft.
Chapter 1 Product Introduction
IQBoard Software is a professional Multi-mediaInteractive Teaching and
Demonstrating Tool, which is designed for the Interactive Whiteboard or Virtual
Whiteboard. It is also a powerful Multi-media Courseware Making Tool. Through
IQBoard Software, various interactive teaching and demonstrating functions can be
achieved, such as write, erase, label (label in character, line, dimension and angle),
drag, zoom, reveal screen, spotlight, screencapture and save, screen record and
playback, handwriting recognition, on-screen keyboard, text input, hyperlink to video,
sound and webpage, and remote conference by NetMeeting. It is also very useful in
making courseware for class and conference.
With IQBoard Software and interactive whiteboard or virtual whiteboard, marvelous
interactive communicating effect can be achieved in variousdemonstrating and
teaching situation, such as product exhibition, business conference, video
communication, news broadcast, securities evaluation, military command,
entertainment, medical consultation, engineering design, competition tactics analysis,
weather analysis, etc.
The software interface adopts toolbar and embedded graph-text design. It has friendly
software interface, easy operation, andstrong human-computer interaction. You can
master operation within 10 minutes without specialized training and checking manual
in detail. The system is compatible with other software, support usage of any special
effect tool attached with software, also support writing, text editing, marking, picture
inserting, drawing, and various special demonstrating effects and assistant functions
in PPTdemonstrating and slide demonstrating mode and the editing mode of third
party editor, such as WORD, EXCEL, etc.
The software has strong system expandability and openness, you can customize your
software system, e.g. you can save or import any picture, element, background, photo,
and mode into resource base, thus affluent teaching resource inside and among
school and in Internet can be fullyshared, you also can manage and adjust the
resource base, define and rearrange toolbar function button according to your own
custom, and customize shortcut addition in toolbar, etc.
This manual is for IQBoard Software, which can be adapted to Returnstar’s various
interactive whiteboards or virtual whiteboards. For the usage and operation of these
whiteboards, please refer to the correspondinguser manuals.
Chapter 2 Install, uninstall, register, and update
2.1 System Requirements
Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
Pentium II CPU (Pentium III or higher recommended)
64MB RAM (128MB recommended)
Microsoft DirectX8.0 or above
1G free hard disk space (for full installation)
800×600, 1024×768 resolution (16bit high color or above)
2.2 Install
2.2.1 Install IQBoard Software
1. Double...
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