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  • Publicado : 29 de abril de 2011
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I was born inside a Christian family, which is very conservative in these traditions, for that reason I grew with a few knowledge of other religions andcustoms around the world, in my high school, I was studying something about other religions but these isn´t enough to learn the most important aspects, in my opinion the September 11 changed the mindsof many people, because “the American lie” about situation positively affected mainly Islam because was a free advertising for its, According to Abdul Ja, after this date, Islam is facing an increasednumber of believers around the globe.

After my visit to the Mosque, I have a clearer opinion in issues as a role of women and relationship with the Western world, because I believed that Islamicwomen were excluded in all sector but according to Abdul Ja, Islamic women have the power to review and decide at home and in society, but the woman can’t lose his duty as a centerpiece of the family,so people can keep a family as a primary cell of society; talking about the relationship with the Western world, now I´m sure that USA has other vested interests in the Middle East as oil, for thisreason USA attacks the region of that way.

My own experience in the Mosque was successful because I had several wrong ideas about Islam, now I´m convinced that Islam is like a code of life, whichguides people to a more spiritual life away from worldly things that are far from salvation. I didn´t have idea that Islam believed in the Virgin Mary and regarded Jesus as the only prophet who wasallowed return to earth.

Humans have confused many things over time, today, I think the most important thing is to be good people and always do well regardless the religion to which one belongs or thename of god is prayed, so we can´t fight over which religion is better and it happens a lot now.

We´re living in a globalizated world, where the borders don´t exist, so is important to know how...
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