Istqb certification preparation guide chapter 5 – test management

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ISTQB Certification Preparation Guide: Chapter 5 – Test Management

Chapter 5: Test Management "... Project management throughout the development and implementation process was inadequate and at times ambiguous. A major systems integration project such as CAD Requires full time, professional, experienced project management. This was lacking...” "... The early decision to achieve full CADimplementation in one phase was misguided. In an implementation as far reaching as CAD it would have been preferable to implement in a step wise approach, proving each phase totally before moving on to the next...”
Extract from the main conclusions of the official report into the failure of the London Ambulance Service's Computer Systems on October 26th and 27th 1992.

5.1 Overview This module coversthe overall management of the test effort for a particular project and attempts to answer several key questions such as: How many testers do we need? How shall the testers be organized? What's the reporting structure and who is in charge?
How will we estimate the amount of testing effort required for this project?

How do we keep versions of our test material in line with the developmentdeliverables? How do we ensure the test effort remains on track? How do we know that we have finished testing? What is the process for logging and tracking incidents?

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ISTQB Certification Preparation Guide: Chapter 5 – Test Management

5.2 Objectives After completing this module you will: Understand how testing might be organized. Understandthe different roles in a test team. Understand the importance of test estimation, monitoring and control. Appreciate the need for configuration management of the test assets. Understand how and why incidents must be logged and tracked.

5.3 Organization

"We trained hard ... but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we would be reorganized... I was to learn laterin life that we meet any new situation by reorganizing and a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency, -and demoralization."
A fundamental feature of our lives today is that nothing stays the same. Over time both internal and external pressures on the organizational structures (that we carefully put in place) must change and adapt ifour business is to remain competitive. As development and testing organizations grow and evolve, a different structure is required to cope with the changing demands placed upon them. The approach adopted over time may look something like this: Testing may be each individual developer's responsibility. Testing is the development team's collective responsibility (either through buddy testing orassigning one person on the team to be the tester). There is a dedicated independent test team (who do no development). Internal test consultants 'centers of excellence' provide advice to projects. A separate company does the testing - this is known as outsourcing. An excellent description of how the test function can be organized within a company can be found in Ed Kit's book, Software Testing in TheReal World [KIT95l

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ISTQB Certification Preparation Guide: Chapter 5 – Test Management

5.5 Configuration management (CM)
We all appreciate the need for testing and assuring quality in our development systems. But how many of us appreciate that Configuration Management is a precursor to these goals? Configuration Management providesus with the balance to ensure that: Systems are complete. Systems are predictable in content. Testing required is identified. Change can be ring-fenced as complete. An audit trail exits. We've always practiced CM. Such activities an aggregating and releasing software to the production environment may, in the past, have been uncontrolled - but we did

Many famous organizations have found...
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