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Jose Cuervo…
an entreprenurial family business?

Statistics: Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Grupo Cuervo,S.A. de C.V. Incorporated: 1934 as Casa Tequila Cuervo, S.A. Employees: 1,400 Sales: $400 million (1997 est.) NAIC: 31214 Distilleries; 111998 All Other Miscellaneous Crop Farming

1795: José MaríaGuadalupe Cuervo receives royal permission to produce tequila on his property.

Key Dates

1909: The firm's tequila wins an international award in Paris.

1970: The Cuervo family sells partownership to outsiders.

1995: Cuervo introduces a $75-a-bottle premium tequila. $75-

1997: Cuervo's output reaches 37 million liters of tequila, of which 76 tequila percent is exported

2005:200 tequila producer anniversary

Business Diageo is the world's leading premium drinks business with an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol brands across spirits, beer and wine.

Thesebrands include •Johnnie Walker •Crown Royal •J&B •Windsor •Buchanan's •Smirnoff •Ciroc •Ketel One •Baileys •Captain Morgan • Jose Cuervo •Tanqueray •and Guinness

Juan Beckmann

Juan DomingoBeckmann

Diageo alliance Tequila boom Longest tradition in the industry “Tequila” as an Appellation of Origin Unique international positioning

F2nd to Sauza in Jalisco Region High dependance inUS Market Spirits consumption declining worldwide Many “knockoffs” due to popularity Agave shortages


Passing the baton
Young business Entering the business Working togetherExpansion

Owner manager
Sibling partnership Cousin consortium



Enterprising Family?
Leading Tequila producers for over 10 generations Quality Products ValueProducts

Track Record & Performance • • • • Increasing profits even after 200 years of operations Have strategic alliance with Diageo and continue to gain power internationally. They continiously...
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