La corrosion

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  • Publicado : 30 de marzo de 2011
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José Clemente Durón Tovar,
San Miguel 224, Col. Hda. El Palmar, Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, Mexico.
(01818) 0577577 / (818) 0233217 Cel. and clemente.duron

OBJECTIVE : Develop as a leader within the organization to which it belongs, providing my knowledge and effort in supporting projects to improve the business and personal needs as well asshow my ability to control and process innovation that is involved in the.

Jan-2004 / May 2010
Position: Buyer Senior
Company: Doga Maquinados y Fabricaciones Industriales ,S.A. de C.V.

Activities: Management and Planning of Purchasing department. Supplier Development and Evaluation, Metrics of delivery on time and PPM ´S, place purchase orders, negotiations withsuppliers for best lead time, quality and price. Inventory control of raw material, tools and indirect inputs, as well as monthly indicator of consumption of them. Planner for raw materials ,tools andsupplies indirect according to forecasts, weekly, monthly and annual customers. Import Logistics process of raw materials, tools and services provided

Jul-2002 / Jan-2004
Position: ManagerMaterials
Company: Doga Maquinados y Fabricaciones Industriales , S.A. de C.V.

Activities : Management and Planning of Warehouse and Purchasing departments. Monthly Inventories for Raw Materials, Toolsand Supplies Indirect , Power Indicator tools. Also Development and Evaluation of Suppliers, Metrics for delivery on time and PPM´S.

Aug-2000 / Jul-2001
Position: Buyer
Company: Gonher de MexicoSA de C.V.

Activities: Activation of purchase orders and their development, supplier development, questionnaires, quarterly and annual assessments. Businesship with the alternatives of purchase.Follow up 4.6 Purchases of QS-9000 in ISO-9002 . Just as import purchases. Income and purchase of heavy equipment, rearrangement of production lines and electricity, outsourcing, calibrations etc....
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