La mecanica del corazón

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  • Publicado : 7 de diciembre de 2010
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Alison Board, Brian Cross, Carlos Aclar and Rick O'Connor receive the body of a young woman to study in the anatomy class of Professor Walter Blackwell. ButAlison receives a strange feeling.

That strange body from the spirit of trying to communicate with her, so he tries to discover who she was. The autopsyrevealed wounds made by the person in life, besides having a child.

Mysteriously, everyone who plays and manages the body dies. Alison discovers that death cannot be the final ever thought, when the mind tries to resolve outstanding issues in this world.

As your research progresses, Alison realizes that the corpsebelonged to a person named Alita Covas, who once led an archaeological expedition to a place of sacrifice Mexica.

There she discovered bodies were offeredto the Mexican goddess of fertility and prostitution. Thanks of that discovered She became to a prostitute and began to show signs of mental imbalance.

Overtime, she commits a series of murders to be finally committed to a mental institution where he died, by suicide. So, Alison knows the true origin of thatbody.

He decides that the body must return to his country to satisfy the Aztec goddess. After a series of strange events, Alison and her partner, both class andsentimental, tear Alita's body and cremate it.

In the end, Alison and Brian travel to spread the ashes in an attempt to break the spirit, but the finalscene suggests that the spirit remains in the hospital, because that's where it cremated.
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