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Blues Listening Study Guide

• New Orleans Jazz
o “Hotter Than That” Armstrong/Hardin.
▪ 1927 with Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five
▪ trumpets, piano, bass, lots of trumpet solo,guitar
▪ vocals: dip dop bomp bomp bip bomp, with guitar matching at the end
o “St. Louis Blues,” Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra
▪ 1933 recording
▪ very fast, sort of exoticfeel to it
▪ singing doesn’t match what handy wrote
▪ so fast that it almost doesn’t sound like blues anymore, but closely enough you can hear it
▪ tango feel
o “Ko-Ko,” DukeEllington and his Orchestra
▪ 1940
▪ big band sound
▪ lots of trumpet with a mute
▪ moderate tempo
▪ no singing
• Precursors of Jazz
o “Maple Leaf Rag,” Scott Joplin
▪published in 1899
▪ performed here in 1970s by Joshua Rifkin
▪ classic sort of rag-time song
o “Maple Leaf Rag,” perf. Jelly Roll Morton
▪ 1938
▪ does more polyphony, moreimprovisation
▪ shows the New Orleans influence on the way he played
▪ a clear precursor to jazz I suppose, lots of flutters and such
o “Eternity,” Eureka Brass Band
▪ no year, butvery representative of the new Orleans jazz band style
▪ very slow, march like, probably would be done at a funeral
▪ very dissonant among other things
o “Just a While to Stay Here,”Eureka Brass Band
▪ faster pace
▪ but still has that very “new Orleans” feel
▪ no vocals
• Urban Blues
o “St. Louis Blues,” Bessie Smith
▪ 1925
▪ very slow, uses theharmonium and trumpet by louis Armstrong
▪ adds extra blue notes, skips intro, changes the song a little bit
o “Mama’s Got the Blues,” Bessie Smith
▪ 1923
▪ piano being played
▪sounds pretty old
▪ has a sort of walk up and down with piano playin
▪ woke up with the blues
• Robert Johnson
o Hell Hound on My Trail
▪ 1937, Dallas
▪ “blues fallin’...
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