La violencia intrafamiliar en colombia

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Teacher : ELIZABETH CARDENAS POVEDA Area HUMANIDADES Topic: connectors Subject: :ENGLISH Date Development:

Guide No: 3 Ciclo 6

of Date of evaluation:

COMPETENCIA El estudiante está en la capacidad de ordenar, jerarquizar y cohesionar sus ideas para emitirlas y escribirlas haciendo uso de los conectores.



1.Choose the correct answer

PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS A. in a station B. in a café C. in a zoo SEATS - NO STANDING A. on a bus B. in an elevator C. in a park FREEPOST – No stamp needed A. on a book B. on an envelope C. on a newspaper I hate basketball. A. You are, too. B. I do, too. C. It can, too. John's broken this plate. A. It doesn't matter. B. Here you are. C. That's very good.

2. Readand answer the questions

Great 20 th-Century Actors Roscoe Lee Browne Roscoe Lee Browne is a large man with a pleasant, friendly face. He has worked in the theater and also in movies and TV. He can play many different people ñ good, bad, happy or sad. He was born in 1925 in New Jersey. After school, he studied at Lincoln University, where he taught French before becoming an actor. When he was astudent, he was excellent at running. In 1951, he won an important 800-meter race in Paris. Peter Ustinov Peter Ustinovís father was Russian and his mother was French, but Peter was born in England. He went to an expensive school, but he was not happy there. He quit at 16 and joined the London Theater Studio. Two years later, he got his first acting job. After that, he was in many plays andmovies, but he also found time to write stories, to travel and to paint. Ed Wynn Ed Wynn was a star in the theater first and then moved to TV and radio shows. Later, he also acted in movies. Many people remember his name because he knew how to make them laugh. He was born in Pennsylvania and went to school there. His father had a hat store and Ed liked to put the hats on and make the customers laugh.Edís father told him not to become an actor, but Ed always knew it was what he wanted to be. Whose father didn’t want him to act? A. Roscoe Lee Browne B. Peter Ustinov C. Ed Wynn Who began acting when he was still a teenager? A. Roscoe Lee Browne B. Peter Ustinov C. Ed Wynn Who worked in TV before becoming a movie actor? A. Roscoe Lee Browne B. Peter Ustinov C. Ed Wynn Who was famous for beingfunny? A. Roscoe Lee Browne B. Peter Ustinov C. Ed Wynn


Text Connectives
Other words which contribute to the cohesion of the text are the text connectives. These are often called connectors, discourse markers or signal words. They provide the reader with signposts indicating how the text is developing. If the writer wants to show that a summary is coming up, for example, a phrasesuch as In short …or briefly … can be used. If the text is giving a sequence of points, these can be highlighted by the use of such words as to begin …, Secondly …, In conclusion… The following is a list of commonly used text connectives:
Clarify Showing cause/result other so therefore then Indicating time then next afterwards Sequencing ideas firstly, first Adding information too Condition/concession in that case otherwise if not

in words I mean

to put it another way for example for instance to be more precise or rather

in the first in addition place first of all indeed

consequently at the same to start with time in/as a before that to begin consequence as a result in the end for a start for that finally reason

apart that also

from however nevertheless

furthermoredespite this

in particular in fact as matter fact that is namely to illustrate

due to …, soon owing to … accordingly after while a because of at of this point in that case

second, On top of besides third, fourth that … at this point and besides yet a to get back above all to the point this then along with on the other hand however


in short

at this all in all moment...
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