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The government describes an animal experiment as a ‘procedure’ that is ‘likely to cause pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm’. Many experiments cause extremesuffering, often to the point of the animal’s death. Even when they are not being experimented on, animals suffer stress in laboratories where they are typically kept in barren containers or kennels. Somewill be kept in solitary confinement, denied any company or comfort. After the
animals have been used in experiments they are usually killed, although many will be used in ongoing experiments over aperiod of months, or even years.
these animals are disposable objects who cannot suffer. Rats and mice are intelligent, inquisitive animals. They possess strong maternal instincts, and experiencepain
and fear just like any other animal. They are used in horrific experiments to test pain levels and in toxicity tests, in which they are literally poisoned to death.

Around 87% of animals used in laboratory experiments are mice and rats – because they are small, cheap to house and easy to breed. Guinea pigs, rabbits,cats, dogs, primates (monkeys), birds,reptiles, pigs, sheep,cattle, chickens, horses and fish are also used. When researchers say ‘most of the animals we use are rats and mice’, it is as though they want us to believe

MEDICAL RESEARCHResearchers say they need to use animals in medical experiments to find the causes of, and treatments for, human diseases.
Drug testing
New medicines intended for people are first tested on animals inan effort to find out if they cause harmful side effects. These are called safety, or toxicity, tests.
Disease research
Researchers try to recreate human illnesses in animals so that they can studythem and, supposedly, find cures. Animals are infected with lethal viruses, given cancer, surgically mutilated and injected with toxic chemicals to induce or mimic the symptoms of human diseases. To...
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