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  • Publicado : 3 de junio de 2011
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“How can we reduce air pollution levels in our cities?

Do you know the causes of air pollution? Do you know that most of them are produced by humans? If you do not know I am going to tell you.Some of the causes of this environmental problem are: there is too much traffic in cities, and cars produce polluting gases such us carbon monoxide and lead compounds; besides, we have got factoriesworldwide and they emit toxic gases or throw their rubbish into the sea and then, because of the water cycle, the pollution goes into the air; aerosols or aerial spraying to kill pests are alsopollutants. The last cause I am going to write is burning rubbish or tires. If you want to change this, please read the essay to the end.
Did you know that since 1986, many countries use “green gasoline”because it is less polluting and cheaper? It would be a good idea if all countries implement it. Another useful suggestion would be to use bicycles more often or share our journeys by car with friends andneighbors. Maybe it will not work because everybody wants to use cars and do not bicycles or does not want to share their car because of the insecurity, but if we try the result would be fewer cars inthe streets and less toxic gases coming from tailpipes.
Measures should be taken by governments in order to deal with factories’ pollution. Industries should be required to fit filters on theirchimneys and look for another place to take the toxic rubbish such us recycling plants. In this way, factories will be helping to reduce smoke. But if they do not fulfill the commitment, governments cancharge fines or close the site.
The situation could be improved by campaigning to make people be aware of the importance of recycling and not to burn rubbish or tires to claim something. It wouldhelp if governments build recycling plants in some cities and use the garbage trucks to take the rubbish of every town to those cities instead of using them to throw the trash in dumps. Little by...
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