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The sounds of English are all produced by air which comes from the lungs into the throat and then passes through themouth or the nose. There are movable speech organs and immovable speech organs.
The movable speech organs are: The organs move for make sounds.
Lungs: Inthe contraction expels the air.
Vocal Chords: Causes the vibration for make voiced and voiceless sounds.
Lower Jaw: Can move down increasing the sizeof the mouth cavity.
Tongue: Move in many ways for produce different sounds.
Lips: They may close or may opening for make sounds.
Velum: Can belowered (the air through the nose) or it may be raised (close the nasal passage
The immovable speech organs are: The organs don’t move for make sounds.Teeth: affect the air when it leaves the mouth and affect the position of the tip, tongue, or the lower lip.
Tooth Ridge: Touched by the tip of the tongue inpronouncing.
Palate: Helps in the pronunciation of many sounds.
-The vocal tract contains all the elements that are needed to the air make sounds,when we understand the different function of the muscles of the organs of speech we can talk very well and eliminate the failures in the speech.
The brainencodes speech and triggers a complex chain of physical action. Different muscles in the body from lung in speech resulting in a phenomenal 14 sound persecond leaving the human mouth during nomal conversation.
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