Laws and walls

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  • Publicado : 12 de diciembre de 2011
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Laws and Walls Against Illegal Immigrants

People have came to the United States from everywhere in the world in search of a better life. Today, the border of Mexico with Latin America and The Arizona SB 1070 immigration law happen to create a massive response among all immigrants, legal and illegal from around the globe. All immigrants feel frustrated for the reason that, without exceptionthey could be expelled from this country or at least be questioned or even arrested at any time because of their appearance. The Arizona SB1070 immigration law is considered to be the toughest legislation in the nation; It orders immigrants to carry their alien registration documents at all the times. In addition, it targets those who hire illegal immigrant laborers or who transport them. Right now,this law is partially approved only in the state of Arizona, however in some other states such as Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Michigan, Minnesota, and South Carolina similar bills have been introduced to be approved. Immigrants in America are the heart of what makes this country the most prosperous in the world, and the opposition against the illegal immigration in this country, could be incur insome violations of the law against American citizens.
“Entering the United States illegally has been a crime since 1929 and the federal law affirms that is a crime to be illegally in this country. In 2006, the U.S Senate passed a legislation authorizing the construction of a 700- mile fence along the Mexican border by a vote 80 to 19.” (Savage 188). Successful nations such as the United States,will always attract immigrants that are
in search of a better life. The crisis is that numerous immigrants do not follow the United States rules; they come and stay unauthorized. A massive flood of illegal immigrants have entered into the nation by crossing the borders between the Unities States and Mexico; Or they enter legally but overstay their visas. As a result, this factor has beencreating a discomfort among some United States citizens such as Sheriff Joseph M. “Joe” Arpaio who is noted for his outspoken stance against illegal immigration. He has become a flashpoint for controversy surrounding Arizona’s SB 1070 anti-illegal-immigrant-act. (Joe Arpaio). As Mr. Ramos, remarks in his book The Other Face of America “one can only discern the American attitude toward the recent influxof Latin American immigrants as a form of racism, which is permeated by ignorance as to how the enormous cultural and economic contributions there very brown immigrants have on all American things” (22.) Earlier this year, Latinos turned out to be the largest minority of the United States. For this reason, some groups of Americans might be against Latinos, thinking that they are invading the UnitedStates, and are also trying hard to kill American traditions, by bringing their own Latino ethnicity to the American society. Perhaps, it has been an error to cultivate and cooperate with the huge evolution of Hispanic traditions such as food, music, ornaments, language and others. Moreover, it is not only a matter of Latinos or the increase of Hispanic customs and beliefs, but Americans areconstantly participating in this Latin expansion by supporting immigrants and their own traditions. However, it is a minority of American citizens that do not agree with illegal immigrants; They feel that it is a huge problem for the nation to improve government services, such as health, education, and others. Although, the illegal immigrants and their families are not here in a legal status, many ofthe social services are financed in one way or another by tax payers.
Immigrants come here in search of opportunities that are not available in their native lands. They are the strongest, persistent, and honest individuals, and each one is fully committed to do whatever it takes to succeed in the United States. Michael Savage, in his book Trickle up Poverty, said “And despite the fact that...
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