Lenguaje y penasmiento

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  • Publicado : 24 de febrero de 2012
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Alejandra Ornelas
¿Es considerado el lenguaje cómo modulador del pensamiento, como un vehículo utilizado para expresar el pensamiento, o es laresultante de algún tipo de combinación?

Thought and language are developed parallel, like Vygotsky´s theory. Infants, learn at the same time throughout their growing how toname things. At first they don’t speak, but are already developing thought because they know what they want, for example if they are hungry. When a baby is hungry or isuncomfortable, their way to express it is by crying, which is a way of communication for them; language. Crying is their way of “thinking out loud” which means that thinkingand language develop simultaneously, one helping the other. Infants cannot have inner thought because they don’t know speech, how can they have inner thoughts if theydon’t have a certain language yet, but their own. Infants come up with their own language, by pointing, cries, and gurgles or noises. At the same time they have a though theysay it out load, even if nothing can be understood, but by doing this they start listening to themselves which helps them start forming sounds, which eventually they willuse to speak. Gradually, as they start learning the words for each thing because their parents force them too at the beginning, then they start getting curious to learn whatthe names for other things are. Then that’s when culture comes into place. It doesn´t really matter where you were born but where you grow up and what cultures you aresurrounded by, for example your mother can be European but you grown up in Mexico, well them you are going to have both of those cultures in you, because they surround you.
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