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Lesson Plan:

Class Level: 2nd Grade High School
Class Time: 8.10 - 9.30
Class room: 706
Time frame: 90 minutes
Subject: Crime vocabulary, reading comprehension, speaking and writing skills.Lesson number: 2

Lesson objectives:

1º The students will be able to:
 Learn and apply specific vocabulary about “Crime”.
 Recognize different kinds of crime and some values in a shortstory.
 Create a short story using the sentences and the vocabulary given previously.

Teaching methodology:
As a warm-up activity, the teacher will ask the students if they know some of the crimesnamed in the slices, and tell all they can about that crime. After that the teacher will ask the students if they have witnessed, one of the crimes shown in the pictures, after that the teacher willread a short story to the students. After listening attentively to the teachers, the students will have to respond or follow the clues and guess the crime. After that the students will play the “OddOne Out”, game in which the students have to look a bunch of words and say or write down which in the word that do not go in that group. Finally, the students are asked to make a report, they willhave to follow 3 rules, start and finish the report with the sentences given, and writer it between 80 and 120 words.
As homework, the students will be asked to look for at least 5 crimes notmentioned in the last activities.


 Whiteboard
 Student’s book
 Notebook
 Pen
 Pencil
 Eraser
 Data show


• Objective First Certificate, Annette Capeland Wendy Sharp, Cambridge, 2009.
• Google.cl
• http://dictionary.cambridge.org/m


I). - Follow The Clues and Answer The Crime…

1).-Matches – fire – Steam ____arson______2).-Blood – Stab – Revolver ______Murder___
3).-House – Picklock – Window ____Burglary__

II).- Odd One Out

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