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Lesson: Emotions

Level: Beginners

Lesson Goals: Get knowledge about emotions, communicate in L2 emotions and practice speaking an listening skills

Objectives: 1.-Acquire vocabulary
2.- Identify emotions
3.- Speaking to transmit information
4.- Students will be able to recognize and name each emotion
5.-Students will use new vocabulary, answering questions.

Duration: 50 minutes

Material: Flash Cards, song, mp3 player, magazines, video projector, pc computer. Markers, board, scissor, glue.Context: The lesson will be presented in L1 and L2, due to the low level of L2. Using visual resources , playing .

Activity and class organization

Sequence plan:

Warm Up 5 minutesIntroduction in L1 and L2, asking how do you feel today?
Are you happy?

Study 10 minutes Presenting flash cards to ss. in L1 and L2, repeat their
Names. T. askquestions in L2 ss must answer in L2 .
Practice emotions singing to the tone “ If you are happy “ ,
ss. will change the emotion name in each paragraph of
the song.15 minutes Ss. will pick a piece of paper which it has an emotion
Ss. will pick up at random. He/she will have to go to the front and gesture the selected emotion and the restOf the class will have to guess which one is it.
On the board the teacher will write some emotions names
An ss. will have to match the name with the picture, using theSame cards that they use to gesture.

Activate 10 minutes T. will give each ss. a magazine. Working in pairs ss have to look
for 3 different emotions images , cut them and paste it ina
Constructive paper sheet. They must write the name of the
Emotions and presented to the class.
5 minutes Reinforce with visuals using the pc and projector, asking
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