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Evolutionists use the concept of the tree of life to show how all life on earth originated with a single common ancestor. The evidence for the branching tree cannot be found in the fossil recordwhere there are many gaps and reversals. Textbooks present this tree as fact and the evolutionary indoctrination continues. The falsity of the tree is most evident in the “Cambrian explosion.” In theserock layers the majority of body plans (phyla) appear completely formed without evidence of their ancestry in the layers below. There have been no new phyla since the Cambrian Period when they allappear suddenly. The fossil record stands as a firm testimony to the creation of life, not its evolution by natural processes.Scientists often use the presence of index fossils to estimate how old a givenlayer of rock is. The problem is that many virtually identical specimens are found in different geologic layers and separated from one another. Based on the standard uniformitarian assumptions, thesespecimens are given different names. This overstates the actual number of species found in the fossil record and confuses their distribution. There are often large gaps of missing time between the twospecimens. Evolutionists have trouble explaining why the species is not found in the layers between the two fossil specimens, but creationists have no difficulty. The Flood model explains the widedistribution and the different levels as the organisms were buried in different places during the same Flood event. The actual three-dimensional distributions of fossil species is not known bypaleontologists, but it is used to prove that evolution and evolutionary time are true.We can measure many things about a rock, but its age is not one of those. The age must be inferred from a ratio ofradioactive isotopes and based on assumptions. Even when a date is determined for a rock, it is only accepted if it fits what the evolutionist expected. The dates are accepted if they fit between the...
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