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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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Happiness in the heart’
Happiness in the heart’

Once upon a time a very powerful king whose domains extended in all addresses beyond the horizon, possessor, also, of wealth that surpassed all theimaginable one.
This sovereign had a wife that unfortunately died, filling him with great affliction his death. Fellow man punishes it was reason that the king locks eight whole days in a smallcabinet where the head was hit against the walls, of as heart-stricken as he was, that which made that it was feared by its life. To avoid bigger wrongs they put on mattresses then between the tapestriesand the walls, of luck that if he was hit one doesn't harm any.
Before the created situation, all their citizens solved go to see him to tell him that they could mitigate so much sadness.Therefore they prepared serious and serious speeches those some, the other ones pleasant and until amusing, but he didn't make it any impression in their since spirit the king he hardly listened what stopsits well they told him. Finally it was presented before the sovereign a lady covered with black veils, with a layer, and the sad habit of the bereavements, and crying and sobbing so strong and high thatthe king was very surprised.
The lady told him then that she didn't come as the other ones to diminish her pain, but to increase it, because anything was fairrer than to cry to a good wife, sinceshe that had had the best in all the husbands, would not stop to pour tears while she had two eyes in the face, and to confirm it, she doubled her desperation laments, to that that the king, followingher example, she imitated her.
Because both were widowers the king it sympathized quickly with her and she passed the time counting him their dear deceased's beautiful qualities while the ladyreferred him those of her lover husband, and they spoke so much and so much that they no longer knew that more to talk about her pain.
And when the astute widow saw that the topic was out, she lifted its...
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