Los paradigmas especiales

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  • Publicado : 31 de agosto de 2010
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The Time Hackers
10 Years Later

Hi, I am Runny and am 25 years old now and I am still best friend with Frank. He had a surgery in his nose that let him smell because before he didn’tsmell anything because of his problem called Sinusitis. He has a girlfriend named Susan. She was in the same school and since then she has not changed much, and she still faints when she smells somethingbad. They really make a good couple; Frank is the only one that knows about the time hacking machine.

I am planning a trip to the old school where my old locker was. Remember all thethings that I found inside: the seven hundred and twenty-one and one half dead lab rats, the body half opened of a person with the organs full of blood and the fly’s larva or the old routed greenfrog. Now I realized what happened and the big discovery I made. I have only one little problem, the school is closed because there where drug addicts. I almost forget to tell you the school is abandonedbecause of financial problems.

I started to work on the machine some hours to fix a bad sound it had and then I found how to make it let the objects stay more time. I could have the objects inthe same place and they would not disappear in 30 seconds like they did before. I called Frank who came and was very happy that we made it. The last 5 years I was trying to do it but finally I didit!!!! I was so happy I told Susan who didn’t think it was possible, so I explained it to her. She wanted to see the dog she had when little, so I used the machine to show it to her. It was so anemotional time it made me cry.

I worked on it 1 month and changed so you could travel to where you want. I traveled to all over the world with my invention; I was one of the happiest years inmy life. My favorite place was going to the Big Benn and sitting in the clocks handles, where you had the best view of London. In London I fell in love with Ellen who two years later became my wife,...
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