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  • Publicado : 5 de octubre de 2010
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More Tracking Options
1Telephone Tracking: Dial EMS Service Hotline -- 11185 for the information of items.
2SMS Tracking: Select Send Message in your mobile phone menu, key in the EMSitem number and send it to 10665185 (for users of both China Mobile and China Unicom). The latest information will be received shortly.
3Service Counter Tracking: Track at the relative postoffice counter where the EMS item was posted. The waybill copy and receipt should be provided for this service.

The Valid Period for EMS Tracking
The valid period for EMS tracking is 4months since the date of posting.

Tracking Fee
1It will charge 3 Yuan for a piece of inquiry when a POD faxes is needed.
2Short Message Service inquiry: It's a kind of toll-service.The sum is composed of the charge for short message service and information fee. The charge for short message service is taken based on the standard of local China Mobile and China Unicomin various places. The information fee is an increment charge for move service is charged based on the below standard:
(1), 50 fens RMB per piece of information for once inquiry of oneitem.
(2), If there are two to four items for once inquiry, the system will provide information according to EMS item number respectively. The charge standard is the first short messagecosts 50 fens RMB. The followings cost 30 fens RMB.
(3), When the delivery information or main transact process of an item is needed. It costs 50 fens RMB.
(4), If the short message cannotbe recognized for the incorrect input or send short message correctly, but the reply information is no inquiry result. Then, this information is free.
(5), If the reply informationrequest of delivery and main transact process information is canceled, and the system replies an affirmation, it would cost 10 fens RMB per piece of information.
Inquiries in out-of-town places
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