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Keyboard Connection

There is interface on the back of the keyboard, which Keyboard connect the Dome wit RS485. The RS485
equipped with kinds ofcommunication lnterface RS485 and interface ofthe Dome is on the commutator of the Dome.Press
infrared emission, which can connect with and control kinds the metal button in the hanging frame. open the commutator,
of peripheral equipments. will find a4bit powerjack. follow the surface instruction to
g find RS485 (A+. B-) follow the instruction. Maybe a
' 7 1 a thous-He "In chidden, adifferent connect way when come from different manufacturer.
RS485 interfaces are on the 2bit ribbon cable connection
ofthe keyboardRS48S A+ B-) can connect with the dome when
the keyboard controls the dome directly;RS485 A+B-can connect
with DVR or otherkeyboards when the keyboard controls the
dome by matrix
Power/RS485 lR remote control
Picture 2-1. l
Picture 2-*2. l
' " ' " ' " ' 1. the max quantity ofmaster equip and
Indirect control the dome when connect with matrix ( as be charged equip controlled by a RS485
figure 2-4.l ) . contrariwise will control the domes directly. bus m' s? when "se the keyboard t."
control direct the max domequantity
Parallel connect the keyboard and dome to the bus of RS-485, Caution is 3]
all the keyboard can control any dome among them, under 2. max quantity keyboard in a system is 4,
this way, the add of the main keyboard should be "I" and 3;" the 4 keyboards should be dlfferent
baud rate should be 9600bps ( as figure 2-3.1 )

4.2.2 Dome Scan setup
Enter the menu like picture (4.l.l-1)
Press [2] enter the dome setting menu as the picture(4.2. l-l);
Press [2] again to enter the dome scan setting as picture (4.2.2-l);
l. Set left limit
2. Set rightlimit
3. Run scan
Picture 4.2.2-1
Dome scan setting include the: Left limit, Right Limit and Run scan
Press l 1] to set the Left limit as picture 4.2.2-2 show.
Press ENTER sure
PressPREV to back Picture 4224
While enter the dome limit setting menu, move the dome to
the suitable position, and press [Enter] to save and will show
"Success" and back to previous menu.
Select the item 2 to set the Right limit, and do the same as the
left limit setting,Back to the menu and press [I] to operate the
Run Scan.
Under commonly mode, Dome can not
control by operate the keys and movethe
joysticks ; While enter the dome preset
warning: menu, the keyboard navigate keyboard
can directly control the dome and lens
control zone also can control the dome's
4.2.4 Tour set up
Press [2] enter the dome setting menu as the picture 4.2.l-1 show,
And then press [4] enter the tour setting as the picture 4.2.4-l show.
1. Tour num:
2. lnsert preset
3- Run To!" Picture 4. 2.4-1
After enter the menu, you need input the TOUR information,
the range you can put is l-v6, and press the [ENTER] confirm.
Then the mouse will auto skip to the second TOUR setting. lffirst
one is ok, Users can skip it. And it will show the"Success" and
back to the previous menu.Select the ltem 2 as picture(4.2.4-2),
you need input the tour preset, and in the second item you need
put in thespeed information, the range is (l-l27); ln the third
item you need input the time how long it need to stop, the range is
(1-255). After finishing all the step, press the [ENTER] and
will display "Suceess"and back to previous menu.
I. Preset num:
2. Speed:
3- Dwe" 7 Picture 4. 2. 4-1
Press [I] Run the TOUR
warning: %
This mode] have no the insert
tour preset function
4.2.3 Pattern set up4.2.3 Dome Scan Set up
Enter the menu as the picture (4. l . 1 -l)

Press [2] enterthe dome setting menuas the picture (4.2.l-l);
Andthen press [I] enterthe pattem settingas picture (h4.2.3-l)show
1. Pattem num:
2. Set pattern
. K
3 'm pmem Picture 4.2.3-1
After enter the menu, the system need input the pattem
information you want, you can put in the NO1N4 and Press...