CONTENTS Page I. II. INTRODUCTION ZOPP IN STEPS PARTICIPATION ANALYSIS Analysis of the project targetgroup and all other persons, institutions etc. participating and involved in the project. PROBLEM ANALYSISIdentifying the core problem PROBLEM ANALYSIS Analysing the causes and effects of the core problemOBJECTIVES ANALYSIS The hierarchy of problems (problem tree) is transformed into a hierarchy of objectives(objectives tree) and the set objectives are analysed. DISCUSSION OF ALTERNATIVES Identifying potentialalternative solutions PROJECT PLANNING MATRIX We develop an overall description of the project PROJECTPLANNING MATRIX (PPM) Determine the important assumptions PROJECT PLANNING MATRIX (PPM) Wording our indicatorsPROJECT PLANNING MATRIX (PPM) Describing the means of verification PROJECT PLANNING MATRIX (PPM)Analysing how relevant the assumptions are, what risks they entail, incorporating this into the project conceptPROJECT PLANNING MATRIX (PPM) checking whether the project management can guarantee the results/outputs. [continua]

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