Marketing: creating and capturing customer value

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Chapter 1
Discussing the Concepts
1. What is marketing and what is its primary goal?
2. Compare and contrast customer needs, wants, and demands. Describe the need versus the want for the following products: Gatorade, Nike shoes, and iPod.
3. Explain how a company designs a customer-driven marketing strategy.
4. What are the fivedifferent marketing management orientations? Which orientation do you believe your school follows when marketing itself?
5. How has the Internet changed consumers? Marketers?
Applying the Concepts
1. Ask five business people from different industries (for example, food service, retailing, consumer product manufacturing, industrial product manufacturing, education, and so on) what they thinkmarketing is. Evaluate their definitions and discuss whether or not they are consistent with the goal of creating customer value and managing profitable customer relationships.
2. Develop a marketing plan for a pet boarding service. Who is your target market? How will you enable customers to get the best value? Define what you mean by value and develop the value proposition of your offering for thistarget market.
Focus on Technology
1. Explore the Web sites of some companies to learn how they get feedback from customers. Start by clicking on “Contact Us,” then dig deeply to see if you can find a place where each company seeks or accepts feedback and ideas. Write a brief report of what you find.
2. Discuss other ways in which businesses can use the Internet to create greater customervalue.

Chapter 2

Discussing the Concepts

1. Define strategic planning and briefly describe the four steps that lead managers and the firm through the strategic planning process. Discuss the role marketing plays in this process.
2. Discuss the differences between market segmentation, targeting,differentiation, and positioning. What two simple questions do they address?

Applying the Concepts

1. Explain what a SWOT analysis involves. Develop a SWOT analysis for a travel agency in your community.
2. In a small group, discuss whether the following statement from Burton Snowboards North America, manufacturers and marketers of a leading snowboard brand, meets the five criteria of a good missionstatement: “Burton Snowboards is a rider-driven company solely dedicated to creating the best snowboarding equipment on the planet.”
3. Explain the role of a chief marketing officer (CMO). Learn more about this C-level executive position and find an article that describes the importance of this position, the characteristics of an effective CMO, or any issues surrounding this position.
4.Visit the Mobile Marketing Association’s Web site at and click on “Resources” and then “MMA Member Case Studies” on the left. Discuss one case study and describe the factors you think made that application of mobile marketing a success.

Capítulo 1
Discutir los conceptos
1. ¿Qué es el marketing y cuál es su objetivoprimario?
2. Compare y contraste las necesidades de los clientes, deseos y demandas. Describir la necesidad frente a la falta de los siguientes productos: Gatorade, zapatillas Nike, y el iPod.
3. Explicar cómo una compañía diseña una estrategia orientada al cliente de comercialización.
4. ¿Cuáles son las cinco orientaciones de gestión diferentes de marketing? ¿Cuál cree usted que la orientaciónde su escuela sigue la hora de comercializar a sí misma?
5. ¿Cómo ha cambiado Internet a los consumidores? Marketing?
Aplicación de los conceptos
1. Pregunte a cinco personas de negocios de diversas industrias (por ejemplo, servicios de alimentación, venta al por menor, fabricación de productos de consumo, fabricación de productos industriales, la educación, y así sucesivamente) lo que...
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