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  • Publicado : 10 de noviembre de 2010
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Analysis Report: Russia and United Arab Emirates, Potential Markets for Totto

Possible strategies for the company’s entry

The principal advantages of these markets are the potential of growth, but riskier markets of a directly proportional way. The only way to eliminate these risks is to rely on an expert advice on the area that should relieve the complexity of the market.
One ofthe things we should do when we enter in a market is to analyze the possibilities of the product, looking for clients of high level, strategies in the sector and look for information about sectors, juridical processes, and enterprises related to our product.
This is an emergent country, due to the fact that they are in constant change in matters of laws, change of the currency, customs, andduties, among others. Here the most important thing is the cultural knowledge factor between the companies that in many cases takes long months of conversations to save commercial projects.
One of the most important things in a Russian market is that they have a huge potential of growth and still have a great opportunity in business and investment. Also the presence of people from Spain and othercountries is so minimal.

Creation of a market research, focus on identify the three main potential trends affiliated with Totto core business, which is clothes and accessories: It’s really important to make a marketing research, relating the product of the company with the Russian consumer, knowing his culture, what they prefer, and for this we need to go to Russia and interacting withpeople from this culture, knowing what they like and what they don’t.
Identify the three potential distributors in order to establish allies with them: Entering to Russia is very difficult, so, in order to have an effective positioning in this market, Totto must be aware of the main distributors, establishing alliances with them, focus on offering an effective tracking with the client, havingthe relationship management expected. Nowadays the best way to enter in the Russian market is by Russians distributors, although there are some European distributors that have establish their own offices.
The associate, distributor or representative in Russia is the key to settle the bureaucratic steps, and this service has a lower cost

Participation in fairs, business conferences, among othersspaces to position Totto brand: Another thing we need to do when we are going to enter in a new market is to participate in commercial fairs, go to the ones in Moscow and San Petersburg, but also in other big cities, that help to know people, make contacts for business, and consolidate others. It’s not necessary to have a stand just visit the fair to know competitors, demand, and tendencies amongothers.

United Arab Emirates

Totto is an international franchise from Colombia which is dedicated to the elaboration and commercialization of clothes, haversacks, purses, rucksacks, and accessories.
Its products are outlined for being comfortable, practical and for being elaborated with materials of excellent quality.
Totto is a brand that has been consolidated on the internationalmarket thanks to its wide variety of products, with the only unique and lasting designs; for being a company that possesses standard high places of quality; for the constant innovation in its products and materials; and for its competitive prices.
Totto offers to its franchisees all the experience and the support of a brand that has been managed to be successful in all the countries, offeringassistance in the area of marketing, advising for the implementation of strategies and advertising campaigns, among other benefits.
Emirates Arabs is a market with a high potential, also there are a high demand of under clothes, bath suites and clothes. This is very attractive to the Colombians Brands.
The exportation of the Emirates Arabs between January and May is US$129.000.
According to...
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