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Esta película cuenta la historia de un estudiante de medicina (Robin Williams) que está decidido a tratar a sus pacientes con humor y humanidad.

When hewas a teenager, hunter Adams was a very unhappy, and he spent many years in the 1960s and 1970s in a special hospital for people with mental health problems.When he left hospital, Adams decided to become a doctor, so he went to Medical School in Virginia, USA. But when he was there, he did things in a different way.For example, he didn’t like the doctor’s white coats, so he wore shirts with flowers on them when he visited his patients, and he tried to make them laugh. Thedoctors at the medical school didn’t like Adams very much because he was too different.
But Adams believed that people in hospital need more than medicine. Hesaw unhappy and lonely people, and he tried to help them as patients, but as people too. He spent a lot of time with children in the hospital, and often put aspecial red nose on his face to look like a clown and to make the children laugh.
When he finished medical school and became a doctor, Adams opened his ownhospital, called “The Gesundheit Institute”. Together with some other doctors. They wanted it to be a place with a different way of working with sick people.Hunter Adams became famous during the 1980s, and in 1998, Universal Pictures made a film about his life. It was very successful. In the film (called Patch Adams),Robin Williams played Adams. Williams said, “Hunter is a really warm person, who believes that patients need a doctor who’s a friend. I enjoyed playing him”.
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