Meat cuts description

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Beef Cuts
Beef is separated into different large sections called primal cuts, which are broken down into different individual steaks or other retail cuts. A beef’s side is the beef carcass, thisone is split through the backbone, and forwards it is halved between the 12th and 13th ribs into sections called the forequarter and the hindquarter.
As furthest from the horn and the hoof are thetenderest cuts, like the rib and tenderloin. By contrast the neck and leg muscles are worked the most, which makes them tougher.


Chuck: Consisting of parts of the neck, shoulder blade andupper arm this is a tough cut, good for braising and stewing, is also a common source for hamburgers.
Rib: one of the most tender cuts and used for the traditional standing rib roast well known as primerib, is well suited for dry-heat cooking.
Short Sirloin: one of the most desirable cuts, including T-bone and Porterhouse steaks, as well as the strip loin o strip steak. (Dry-heat cooking is thebest for these cuts)
Sirloin: less tender than short sirloin, but also more flavorful.
Tenderloin: the tenderest from which filet mignon is severed.
These are just some examples of the most commonlyused cuts.

Pork Cuts
As beef pork is also divided into large sections well known as primal cuts with the difference that pork is not split into sides pork is broken down directly into his primalcuts and head is also used to make brawn, stock and soups and hocks are also used for some meals.


Spare Rib Roast/Spare Rib Joint/Blade Shoulder/Shoulder Butt: it can be boned out androlled as roasting joint or cured as collar bacon.
Hand/Arm Shoulder/Arm Picnic: usually cured on the bone to make ham.
Loin: cured to give back bacon, or divided into roasts, back ribs or pork chops.Fatback: usually used to make pork rinds, lardons and lard.
Belly/Side/Side Pork: this is the fattier meat used for steaks or cur for steaky bacon.
Legs/Hams: when used fresh are usually cut bone...