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  • Publicado : 16 de mayo de 2011
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Date: 5th April

To: Marketing team

From: Laura Olaya Herrera, CEO

Subject: The launch of the video game Danger Zone

I have recentlybeen informed by the vice - president some irregularities of the launching of Danger Zone. As he told me, you don´t know of the Commercial it can be successfully because it isvery violent for a several audience as children. You are concerned about it because some audience may go to the Advertising Standards Committee (ASC) and report us to show thecommercial.


A good solution can be that you will contact the ASC and talk to them and you will make an agreement if the commercial can be shown after 10:00p.m. With that you don´t need to change it.


The commercial is very important for the launch of the game that`s why tou are very interested toshow the commercial. It is obvious that you don`t want to change it because it is very creative, original and very real with that the audience will be very interested in DangerZone. You need to go for the offices of ASC and make a date with them to talk about it. In the date, you can explain why the commercial is violent in some parts and why youcan`t change the commercial; one reason is that the commercial is the essence of the game launching. You can reach an agreement with them, it can be that the commercial may beshown after 10:00P.m because at that time the children are in the bed and they can`t see the commercial.


Specifically, I recommend that following:

- Firstyou need to locate ASC office`s, then you make a date with them and finally you can explain your ideas of the commercial and you can make an agreement.

Laura Olaya Herrera
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