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Fantom-G6 / G7 / G8 Specifications P47

A dream for live performance, the Fantom-G lets you explore new dimensions of sounds and performance, from the core sound source to the sequencer, keyboard, user interface, and beyond. The entire workstation represents new technology from the ground up. It’s the first electronicinstrument that is compatible with the revolutionary ARX-series expansion boards. When you plug in an ARX board, it gives you access to a truly new world of expressive musical power provided by SuperNATURAL™ technology. You get the creative potential of organic audio expression along with a radically streamlined workflow. The same single instrument that enables you to complete huge productionprojects is there for you on stage. The Fantom-G is truly the world’s first “Live Workstation.”

The World’s First Live Workstation: New Sound, New Control, New Feel, New Look.

for Microsoft® Windows Vista®/ ® Windows XP

Editor Software Included

for Mac OS X


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Fantom-G6 / G7 / G8 Specifications P47

Total CreativePower Embodied in a Stage Synth Perform Live with Unprecedented Expression and Emotion
Newly Developed Large-Capacity Sound Source System Generously Loaded with High-Quality Sound Samples
The Fantom-G Series has been redesigned from the ground up, starting with a core sound engine that provides twice the wave capacity of the previous model. The new sound-set is a marvel, with particular focus ona set of breathtaking grand pianos. Synth sounds have also been improved, as have drums, bass, strings, and other essential sounds for production and arranging — including the amazing new woodwinds. On stage or in studio, these dramatic, expressive sounds provide a higher level of quality than previous available. And for do-it-yourself sound designers, the Fantom-G offers newly refined samplingfunctions that outperform dedicated sampling devices.

■ Patch List

■ Patch Pro Edit

■ Patch Zoom Edit

■ Sample Edit

Apply Multi-Effects to Single Sounds Apply up to 22 Powerful Effects at the Same Time
No matter what mode you’re in, Fantom-G always offers access to a PFX (patch multi-effects) channel for each sound (patch); there are 76 types PFX effects onboard. In STUDIO mode, youget the flexibility of two channels of assignable MFX, as well as chorus, newly designed reverb, and mastering effects to enhance the overall quality of the finished music. Including the inputs for external effects, there are a total of 22 effects that can be simultaneously applied. All the onboard effects, benefiting from general improvements to the sound source, are of excellent quality andprovide superb expressive power.

■ PFX (Patch multi-effect)


■ Mastering

On stage and in studio, Fantom-G offers uncompromised sound and ease of use. A musician’s dream come true — the world’s first live workstation.
The supreme synth for live performance is also a workstation that has unrivalled capabilities for studio music production. These two applications are fusedtogether in the Fantom-G series, which was designed from the start to provide all the tools creative musicians need. Simply switch between LIVE and STUDIO modes for the appropriate situation. There’s even a third mode, SINGLE, which ensures that the synth is always on standby for a perfect sound at a moment’s notice. While packing in all the depth and breadth you need for music production in astudio, this single instrument also lets you unleash the same creative potential on a live audience.

More than just additional sounds, ARX is like adding a whole new instrument: ARX Series SuperNATURAL Expansion Boards.
These remarkable new expansion boards represent the technology leap you’d expect from Roland. Rather than simply providing additional patches, ARX boards are complete sound...
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