Mexican sports

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Charreria and bullfighting are popular sports in Mexico, and many large cities have bullrings. Mexico City has the largest bullring in the world, seating 55,000 people. Bullfightsusually occur on Wednesdays, and other weekdays. Other popular sports and activities include football (soccer), boxing, baseball, basketball, and Jai alai. The game of football (soccer), known asfútbol is by far the most popular sport in the country. Every state has its own representative teams. Below is a list of teams clubs and proffesional organizations in Mexico.

Wrestling: The second mostpopular spectator sport - Mexicans love both their own league of pro wrestlers as well as the American ones - Especially El Rey Misterio- Mexicos favorite wrestler!

Basketball - while they do havetheir own leagues it's not as popular as other sports although very popular among young adults who will gather daily at the courts. I remember way back when going to Ixtapa/Zihatenejo in the early 90sand the only thing to do in town at night was to go watch the basketball games at the court in the middle of the town! Practically everyone in town would be there

Baseball - Mexico has a reallydetailed league of their own with premier leagues and minor leagues, even a hall of fame! The only problem is Baseball needs alot of room to practice it so while millions may watch the games not as manypeople actually participate in the sport as in others.

Boxing - Hugely popular as a spectator sport -Mexico has had tons of boxing world champions in the lower weight classes. Everyone willremember Julio Cesar Chavez forever! While a huge spectator sport there are definitely more people practicing Taekwondo then Boxing.

Taekwondo - while not such a huge spectator sport, outside of Soccerand basketball, I would rate it as the #3 sport practiced by youths in Mexico. It is hugely popular among both children and young adults. Mexico has become a Taekwondo powerhouse as it is a sport...
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