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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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In this work that it will be an essay, I will be talking about some good and bad things that the country Mexico has. Also I will be talking about the physical features that Mexicohas also the climates, the natural resources that are very important in Mexico and some other things about the country.

Physical Features: In Mexico there are some physical features thatare very important and also made that country very tourist. One good thing that the physical feature of Mexico has is the Sierra Madre Oriental and the Sierra Madre Occidental. These are two mountainsthat many tourists get in there. These were some of physical features of Mexico.

Climate: Mexico has a variation of climates in all the country. There are four types of climates: There’sthe desert, steppe, savanna, and humid tropical. These four types of climate are found in all the country. Also in Mexico in high latitude climates differ from low or middle latitude climate.Natural Resources: The natural resources in Mexico are very important because can maintain their people healthier and don’t have too much people poor. The main resources of Mexico are theminerals because of that the factories can produce a lot of silver and Mexico is the world’s most silver producer so if you see that someone has a necklace that is of silver probably the producers of thatnecklace are the Mexicans.

Animals that can be found: One of the animals that are most common in the deserts of Mexico is the coyote. Also another animal is the donkey that transports alot of people, the ones that have no to much money for buying a car or a motorcycle. Another animal that is very common to find in Mexico are the snakes. The snakes are very common in all the desertsof the world but we are talking from Mexico so that’s one of the most common in deserts.

Plants: Of course that one of the most common plants in Mexico is the cactus because in the...
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