Mi life

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  • Publicado : 18 de febrero de 2012
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The life is sincerely a dirt I don't understand for that she is this way with me alone I make to want it and to love her and single receipt of her scorns and scoldings. The worst thing is that she never supports me and I never sit down support of her. Her alone he/she thinks of my defects and me you that I have many but I as all person have qualities and talents. Her never (thatI have listened to him) she has told me the good thing that I am in something or some thing. Her alone he/she thinks of their MASSIVE PERFECTIONISM, that is to say, he loves to judge but that nobody judges it to her because like I say she is PERFECTIONIST in the whole extension of the word. Her alone he/she wants a daughter. Doesn't she love equally, until I sometimes end up thinking why I amhere? In this world where alone it cares the superficial thing and the meticulous thing. I can never speak, to talk, neither to count him what happens because her always this busy, tired and my potato, me to the I love him but these days I have felt something that doesn't allow me to forgive it like they say somewhere around "one forgives but he/she doesn't forget". They has always leaned on but shenever thought of my neither in me she suckles when but we needed it didn’t follow advice of their alone wife you accent to take of appearances and false friends that alone they looked for to make the wrong to they and all their family. The key like a fool, I am unemployed, supposedly their family supported him, but another time they forgot it and forever… Does she never support their childrenuntil he/she sometimes says "does it raise children and did they take out your eyes" one as son and does adolescent think that if they had it to one you/he/she was to support him in all moment and to guide him for the good road or so that one ended up thinking so that they had me if I am an insert?
You excuse excuses and more excuses. Alone they look for that to confuse it to one and to make itexplode when not being able to tell them the truths in the face to them, because that the what one wants as person in moment of rage, to scream, to open your heart, but to the knowledge that he/she is not able to all their words they have already become alone in that in WORDS.
The life is this way one there are times he/she ends up thinking of many things and one of those things is to accept theerrors that one makes as person because he/she is all the people of this humiliating world they have this way errors but rather like they feel perfect and superficial that think that like they have suffered so much they are that PERFECT and they begin to say that they already have the sky won without knowing that of here to there is a long road to travel, without knowing that they will be judged asall and in that same instant they will realize the great error that you/they had and that they made to people but they adore.
I have to thank them too much to my parents: good teachings, luxuries, details, trips, study, love, affection, but the only thing that I would like that they gave me they are the support that you/they told me the good thing that I am for something and with that he/shewould thank them to him a lifetime, but they not always judged you and always alone for bad, because first they will throw everything in face in few words to HUMILIATE, knowing that all the material one that they have given you it is that MATERIAL, something so simple that he/she comes and he/she goes, knowing that him but important it is what is in the heart, that that your you find learned andshared with other people, the support and the understanding is the only thing that you/they judged you as your you are behaved in this LIFE.

In the stage of the love they feel butterflies in the heart and desires of seeing that person that has you in the clouds. But when you fall in love or alone it is a whim, not you, of a smaller person feels...
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