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  • Publicado : 3 de diciembre de 2011
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Fabian Virgen

There are a lot of key terms that take people to the big success. Those key terms put people in the very top of their branch. Some of the most famous key terms are theattitude which for most of the coaches is the most important part for an athlete’s success or passion that comes to turn into the enjoyment of the game. But what about the other key terms? What aboutmotivation? Motivation to me more than a key term is a feeling. The feeling of motivation is very important for any athlete to have a great performance. All the athletes and top performers must have agood motivation. There are many ways in which we control the motivation and we should learn how to use it for our advantage.
Some top performers are more focused on looking good and doing thingsright. And there are others performers who are task oriented and usually they are very focused on effective performance. Vernacchia says in the book “Inner Strength” that task oriented athletes areconstantly seeking for out for feedbacks regarding their performances to know how to improve skills and learn new skills. Performers who are focused on looking good are called ego oriented athletes. Theseperformers this athletes has difficulty separating performance feedback from personal criticism. I would put myself in the group of task oriented athletes. While I was playing professional soccer inMexico, my coaches taught me to listen to their advices. I learned how to listen to my coaches because they have the keys to make it to the top. Now, after a soccer game I always ask my dad how myperformance was and what do I need to improve and during the week I try to get better in every practice. To me, being task oriented is the best way to improve our skills because we are open to change andchanging might help us reach the top. But being task oriented not always gives us success and I do not want to say that being ego oriented does not bring us success.
While I was playing soccer in...
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