Motor 4 tiempos en ingles

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  • Publicado : 19 de agosto de 2012
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Internal combustion engine.
The internal combustion engine, is the beginning of the evolution in the industries, especially in the automotive industry, thanks to Ford the creator of thecar since its inception to the present day has become a need for more useful for people transportation, helps to have a form of life easier, allows us to transport us from one place to anotherfaster. But most people don't know the functioning of the internal combustion engine that this essay will explain.
It is a type of machine that mechanical energy obtained directly from thechemical energy using a fuel that is gasoline.
First time or admission: at this stage the descent of the piston sucks the mixture fuel-air mixture in the engine. The exhaust valve remainsclosed, while the intake is open. The first time the crankshaft rotates 180 ° and the camshaft rotates 90 °, then, the piston reaches the bottom, the inlet valve closes, compressing themixture air-fuel contained in the Chamber by the rise of the piston. In the 2nd time the crankshaft rotates 360 ° and the camshaft rotates180ºthis is called compression, third timethe pistonreaches the top, mix fuel-air mixture has reached the maximum pressure. The spark jumps from the spark plug, causing inflammation of the mixture, quickly increases the temperature, the pressureinside the cylinder and gas expands and pushing the piston. The crankshaft rotates 180 ° while the camshaft rotates 90 ° this is called explosion, in this phase the piston pushes in anupward motion, combustion gases leave through the exhaust valve. The piston reaching its highest position, the exhaust valve closes, At this time the crankshaft rotates 180 ° and the shaftrotates 90° this is called Fourth time or escapeFinally opens for admission, restarting the cycle.
You have to give it into paragraphs. It has to be divided and you have to use more passive voice
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