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This system provides the electricity needed to produce the ignition of the fuel mixture.
Its importance lies in that their presence ensures the initiation ofcombustion in engines that operate on the principle of the Otto cycle, causing a spark that ignites the fuel mixture.

The main function is to convert low-voltage electrical energy at high voltage fordistribution to each cylinder of the engine.

Basically consists of: a current generator or battery, a primary winding, a mechanical switch, a capacitor, secondary winding, a distributor and sparkplugs.
The operation is as follows: current generator or battery supplies electrical current flowing through a mechanical switch and a capacitor to a primary circuit of a coil when the switch is openedthere is a rapid change, aided by the capacitor , the magnetic field produced by the passage of current through the primary winding, which induces in the secondary winding a voltage too high (14000 or20000 V), this tension is distributed according to the cylinder for the ignition sequence and causes at the ends of a spark plug inside the engine, which is what finally turned the fuel mixture.
Thebest way to check whether the system works is to check the arrival of high voltage electricity to the spark plug, check musting latter separately and with special devices for this purpose. Also checkthe power supply low voltage (battery or generator).
The most common failures are the failure or loss of insulation of a spark plug, and is manifested by uneven performance (rate) to a system orany system running the engine. If addled electrical discontinuity of a coil or plug wire, the fault would be total, not producing the ignition of the mixture in the cylinder in question. The initialpower source may also fail, when this happens, do not register their voltage output terminals.
The repair of the system is limited to replacement of damaged components.
Security conditions are the...