Mrs dole is out of control

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Mrs. Dole Is Out of Control, is a book about a Parent Teacher Association president named Mrs. Dole. Mrs. Dole wants everybody to graduate from the second grade at a big party. The Parent TeacherAssociation vice-president, Mrs. Young, just wanted a normal “step-up” party for the kids to move on to the next grade. But, Mrs. Dole insisted on organizing a gigantic party with all sorts of crazythings, which were not necessary. For example, she wanted a petting zoo with farm animals, a huge rocket of fireworks and an airplane flyover.
The kids in the school heard over, what Mrs. Dole hadin mind and all the kids thought Mrs. Dole should go ahead with all her plans, including all the crazy stuff. They are looking forward on having lots of fun at a big blowup party. But things don’twork out so well in the end. There is a fire, and they were all wondering at the end what would have happened if Mrs. Dole had not been on charge.
Mrs. Dole Is Out of Control is a good book foranybody who likes silliness and fun.

Author: Dan Gutman: He lives in Haddonfield, New Jersey, with his wife, Nina, and their two children, Sam and Emma.
Illustrator: Jim Pailot who lives in ArizonaPublisher: Harper Collins
Main Characters:
• Andrea: She is an annoying girl, wish is always arguing about everything.
• Andrea’s Moon: She is the vice president of the PTA
• Mrs. Daisy: Isthe second grade teacher and all the students love her.
• Mrs. Dole: Is the mother of Ryan and the president of the PTA, she wants the second grade graduation to be a mayor event with all sorts ofthings and events.
• Ryan: Is Mrs. Dole son, and he is always ashamed of his mother ideas.
• Emily: Is a second grade student.
• Mr. Klutz :Is the school principal.
• Michael: is another studentfrom second grade who is hearing the adults talk.
• Spence: Is a fire fighter officer, that talks to the second grade students about fire.
• Arlo: the story is narrated from Arlo’s perspective
• Mr....
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