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Desarrollo de trabajos generales de ingeniería y asesoría en proyectos y/o ejecución en mecánica general, hidráulica, neumática, electricidad y construcción de maquinaria.
Desarrollo de todo tipo de peritajes y reparaciones navales en buques y puertos, brindando servicios de Tarja, Peritajes, Seguros, Banderas y Reparaciones.

Coricu se especializa en servicios de ingeniería e inspección de lamas alta calidad, comprendiendo una amplia variedad de negocios e industrias, con especialistas altamente calificados y dedicados, con su gran experiencia y espíritu innovador siempre cumplen o sobrepasan las expectativas de sus clientes, con calidad y seguridad.

Pruebas e inspecciones
Manejo de proyectos

Turnstone Marine Survey LLC offerscomplete marine surveying of sail and power
vessels, appraisal, and consultation.  This company is dedicated to the highest standards
in the boating industry.  Southeastern New England to Portland, ME area are home
territory, but travel can be arranged almost anywhere!  A variety of report formats is

Pre-purchase, appraisal, insurance, lenders, consultation.

No travelcharges for pre-purchase surveys. (see pricing)

Sail or power yachts.

Satisfaction or no charge!

Report guaranteed within 2 business days after survey!

Fully insured!

Water and weather work 24/7!

Not to mention everyday wear and tear.  A surveyor's goal is to find the problems before
they cost you a bundle or worse!  A surveyor expertly knows where to look for trouble.  
Don't buywithout an independent expert survey and appraisal!

Something to think about...

A thorough survey of a used boat puts the prospective buyer in the advantageous position
of being able to bargain either price or for repair work to be done before purchase.  This
often amounts to $thousands saved usually more than offsetting the cost of the survey.  
Not to mention that the informationcontained within the survey is invaluable to a new owner.

Mission Statement

I do not work for brokers or sellers.  I will only provide you with a non-biased report of
findings on the vessel that will satisfy any underwriter or lender because I am accredited by,
and prescribe to the ethics and standards of SAMS® -Society of Accredited Marine
Surveyors, USPAP -Universal Standards ofProfessional Appraisal Practice and ABYC
-American Boat and Yacht Council.  Furthermore, as a graduate of the Chapman School of
Seamanship, I will survey thoroughly to the standards set forth by their program.
Our Services
1. Pre-Purchase Surveys
When you buy a used boat, you will want to obtain as much information as possible about its condition prior to closing the deal. Is the boat structurallysound and safe? Is the machinery and equipment on board in good working condition? Is the boat a good value for the money?

Our Pre-Purchase Surveys will give you the confidence that you know what you are buying. We do thorough inspections covering structural integrity, safety, condition of machinery and equipment as well as maintenance issues and cosmetic appearance.

These inspectionsinclude, but are not limited to:
* Hull
* Deck and deck fittings
* Interior structure
* Rudder and steering gear
* Propellers and all other underwater parts
* Accommodation
* Galley and galley equipment
* Sanitation devices
* Engines
* Tanks, pumps, hoses and piping
* Electrical systems
* Navigation equipment/ electronics
* Anchoring andmooring equipment
* Spars and rigging
* Fire fighting and safety equipment
Moisture meter readings and percussion soundings of hull and deck are part of the survey. In addition we check if all items mentioned in a Broker’s Listing actually are on board.

A haul-out of the boat is essential, so that we can check all under water parts. A sea trial is strongly recommended. This allows us...
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