Muralism in mexico

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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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During the first half of the XX century, Mexico was torned apart; there were not any clear decisions on who was going to take over power after the revolution. During the firstyears of the XX century the Mexican Revolution took place, in which the low classes raised against the more than 30 years long dictatorship of general Porfirio Diaz. Mexico’s societywas very confused and suffered in many different aspects; there was no education at all and people like Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros with help from Jose Vasconcelos, tookadvantage of the popularity muralism had to use it as an education tool. Muralism was known to be a popular way of art and so it had the acceptance of the low classes, it was also verypopular among the people because revolutionary ideas were depicted in almost any mural.
Mexica was at a very weird economic situation during the first half of the XX century. WhenPorfirio Diaz was still at power, Mexico could have been considered to have a solid economic base, but when the people raised against the government all the money was filtered tosustain the battle between the fronts. With the Mexican Revolution in course, all the private investors from other countries that Diaz had convinced to invest in Mexico were forced toretreat and Mexico had no more sources of money. All the textile fabrics and mineral mines were in a revolt and were also not producing anything. Muralism as we already said, is a popular artand since it was reproduced in walls, it was considered to be a very cheap way of doing art.

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